A Long Way to Japan

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New Blog: A long way to Japan

In my blog, I write about my travel through Japan, japanese culture, food, movies and music, problems of learning the language and my long distance relationship with the man of my dreams which we keep up more than 2 years by now. I also write about life in Germany with all its differences in culture which caused me a bit trouble sometimes and also about the time when my boyfriend comes to Europe (which gave him many culture shocks..)

About this Japan blogger

“I´m Rose.
I´m a 24 years old single mother who has two wonderful kids and studies fashion design in Düsseldorf, Germany.
I love to travel, cook, read, write, paint, design, make music and many many more things (seriously.. that list would get much too long if I would write down everything)
I came to my interest in Japan through language and food. Sounds strange? maybe.. but on my 10th birthday I got a card from my uncle (who lived in Japan that time) which was written completely in Japanese. I saw Kanji and fell in love with them.
Life goes strange ways, so I studied chinese language for some years first before I returned to japanese language when my kids where old enough and I had a bit more time for myself.
When I finally visited Japan for the first time, I met the man who ever since made my life much more chotic than before..
Even through the great distance of 10.000 km between us, we became a small family and kids are totally happy with it.
One day in future, we want to live in Japan together.. but until then, it is still a long way to Japan..”

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