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New Blog: Japan Cinema

“Japan Cinema is a 3-part lifestyle project that houses both film reviews, an online-magazine, and artist interviews. It acts as a natural expansion for movies, art, and Asian culture. Since it’s creation, coverage includes festival discoveries, forgotten classics, Hollywood blockbusters, Interviews and Top 10 lists. JapanCinema has sought out upcoming talent and has helped some of the world’s most fabulous artists, designers and actors make their mark on the creative world.”

About this Japan blogger

“The writers are an impressive array of very smart people, each with their own accomplishments and different perspectives in the creative field. Yet, this team is able to work together in a respectful, collaborative manner. From this alone, I’d say it is a special time at Japan Cinema. A time where we have been able to successfully bring together passionate film lovers for a diverse, yet fundamentally unified adventure. It is not only our goal, but our pleasure to bring you the latest, oldest, and most interesting news from all realms of film, creative art and design.”

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