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New Blog: Sleepy Tako

sleepytako came to Japan in 2005 to study at a university in Kobe. Little did he know that five years later he would have a new last name, a beautiful wife, a baby girl, an addiction to onsen and riding trains, a drivers license, a pension, a refrigerator, two air conditioning units, a washlet, and premature gray hairs growing from his beard. When he’s not working, sleepytako is taking photos of urban detritus, working on cataloging and visiting the various onsen and sento in Kansai, and slowly completing his goal of riding every train line in Japan.

About this Japan blogger

David Kawabata lives in Western Japan and is obsessed by Japanese onsen hot springs and trains. In his blogs he reports on hot springs and public bathes he visits during his trips mainly through the Kansai area. He also own the blog I Love YU.

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