Japan Outdoor Adventures

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Blog: Japan Outdoor Adventures

A Japanese-English bilingual blog dedicated to all sorts of outdoor
adventures in Japan with main focus on the Mt. Haruna region.
Conveniently accessible by car, public transportation, and bullet
train, Mt. Haruna offers a variety of outdoor activities for singles,
groups, and the entire family. Camping, lake/river fishing, and hot
springs if you like to take it easy.  Abseiling (rappelling), flying
fox (zip lining down the tree tops), and tandem paragliding if you
like it adventures.

About this Japan blogger

Here on planet earth to have an awesome time and part with some of it
with all of you outdoor lovers. Let me know when you’re ready for a
break and I make sure you and your family and mates will enjoy my
campsite and its attractions up at Mt. Haruna as much as I do. You’ll
lovin’ it!

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