Enjoy Ramen

This blog provides very nice photos and reviews of ramen noodle shop in and around Tokyo. It reads very easily and provides a very good understanding of each ramen shop’s unique selling point, the soup’s flavor and the customer experience.

About the author of this blog

“I guess the main thing that attracts me to ramen is the taste…. (of course) but since there are around 5000 shops in Tokyo,  it goes without saying that many of them must offer something unique if they are going to stand out from the crowd. Whether that be an obvious choice in a quality product, an atypical ingredient, (un)friendly staff, a bizarre dining experience or even an ordering system using gibberish, no two ramen shops are the same. Well, except for the chains… But even they tend to vary slightly. And we mustn’t forget the stores that have a line out the front that, purely on the basis of there being a line, must be good. I know I’ve been guilty of joining a queue or two…. So I guess the main thing that attracts me ramen is the variety it offers and that each experience will be different from the last. “

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