Adventures in Bentomaking

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New Blog: Adventures in BentoMaking

Adventures in Bentomaking is about Japanese style bento lunch boxes , providing bento novices and bento experts alike with a structure that makes it easy to search for ideas for your own bento lunches. Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the online bento community is its openness to the sharing of food creativity. Many members of the bento community look to each other for inspiration and recipes, with copying being a most sincere form of flattery.

About the author of this Japan blog

“My name is Crystal Watanabe and I’m 32 years old, living in Honolulu, Hawaii with my husband and two children. I have an addictive personality and that’s a terrible thing when you’re into cute bentos. I own over 200 bento boxes and way too many bento accessories!.”

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