Just Hungry – Collection of Japanese Recipes

Just Hungry is a food blog, established in 2003. It has received several mentions on main stream media sites including the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Epicurious, Gourmet Magazine, Saveur, The Japan Times, Cooking Light and Food and Wine, and is the top ranking Japanese recipe blog on Google.

About the author of this Japan blog

“Just Hungry started out in 2003 as a place for me,  Makiko (Maki for short) to write about my food obsessions. I am Japanese, born in Tokyo, but have led a very nomadic existence since childhood. I’ve lived so far in Japan (three places), England (three places), the U.S. twice (a total of 6 places), Switzerland, and France. This is reflected in what I write about here.

My primary focus on Just Hungry is Japanese food and home cooking. As a Japanese person living abroad, I do miss the cuisine I grew up with a lot, and that is what I mostly cook at home regardless of where I live. I try to always present recipes and methods for people who do not live in Japan, and may not be familiar with Japanese cooking or have access to a wide selection of Japanese ingredients. I know through experience that it’s not always easy to cook Japanese food outside of Japan, but my recipes are authentically Japanese enough to satisfy my harshest critic – me!”

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