A Year of Ikebana

A Year of Ikebana is about discovering whether or not an arrangement a day will keep the doctors away. In other words, how will the practice of Ikebana help with the maintenance of chronic illness and the promotion of well-being in an individual who has not yet found the right balance in their day-to-day life.

About the author of this Japan blog

Ann lives in Portland, OR with her husband Pietro. He is a trained chef who once worked for a season with a well-known Japanese chef in California, but he’s currently working as a winemaker and certified sommelier. Ann has a BA in art history and English literature and has worked in the past as an editor, ESL teacher, and arts administrator. Her first ESL job was in high school and she worked with a local college professor in a special exchange program he’d created to give children from his home town in rural Japan the opportunity to come to the USA. (Currently, the professor’s wife is her Ikebana sensei.)

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