Hiking in Southern Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Blog: Hiking in Southern Japan

This blog provides huge information about hiking in Kyushu and Shikoku Islands in southern Japan. It gives practical information such as day routes, multiple day routes with lots of photos as well as books, equipment and a journal.

About the authors of this Japan blog

“My name is Ben and I’ve been living and hiking in Kyushu since August 2005. I often frequent mountaintops anywhere from a little south of Kumamoto,north to up to Kitakyushu,east towards Oita,and west towards Nagasaki. I don’t get to the lower half of the island very often,so I tend to make those trips a little longer than my usual.”

“G’day,my name’s Matt. I’m originally from Perth,Australia. I arrived in Kyoto,Japan in 1996. I currently live in Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. In this mad world hiking helps me preserve my sanity :-P . I particularly enjoy hiking to waterfalls. The energy they offer revitalizes me.”

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