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New Blog: Hello Kitty Lover

We here at HelloKittyLover.com are always scouring the globe for the coolest products, merchandise, and happenings revolving around Hello Kitty…simply because we are fans of the Hello Kitty brand like you. Eventually it dawned on us – why not share our love and passion with the world, and help others discover all the great items and promotions we do regarding our favorite fabulous feline – Hello Kitty!

About the author of this Japan blog

“What’s there to know?! We’re just like you! We’re obsessed with all things Hello Kitty! She’s sooooo cute, adorable, loveable, and oohhhh sooooo glamourous! We aspire to be the fabulous fashionista that she is! We want to own all of her kittylicious stuff! We want to parade around everywhere with an adorable red bow in our hair! We love everything and anything Hello Kitty!”

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