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New Blog: Thumbnail of Life

“This blog was created for the purpose of sharing my love of photography. Photography is my hobby and I love photographing just about anything under the blue sky. At first, I want to name this website as “Fragments” or “Fragments of Life” because I believe when I take a photo of someone or something, I manage to capture a fragment of their life. I want to use this website to show these beautiful fragments of life. Because the name was taken already, I named this website “Thumbnail of Life”.”

About the author of this Japan blog

“I was born in Indonesia and lived there until I decided to work in Japan on January 2008. I am currently live in Tokyo. I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, surfing the internet, design, and photography. Coming to Japan made me able to do all of those things. My career resolves around IT related stuff, from hardware to software, but the main focus is ERP. I’m also doing a part time photographer from time to time.”

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