Activity summary of the Japan Blog Directory – October 2011

Japan Blog Directory – October 2011 Update


we are up and running for almost a month now! It’s time for an update on what happened on the Japan Blog Directory during its first month of existence.


Thanks to all for the many many applications for registration. We had a hard time keeping up with the demand and reading through all these very interesting blogs covering all kind of aspects of Japan. By the end of October we listed a total of 100 Japan blogs in 21 categories.

Featured Japan Blogs

Every month we feature a few blogs we really liked. In October 2011 we featured one blog:

Traffic directed to other Japan related blogs

In our first full month of existence we re-directed 1911 clicks to blogs listed on our directory. Here are the top 10 receivers for the month of October 2011:

  1. 1000 Things about Japan
  2. Fashion in Japan
  3. Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo
  4. Tokyo Fashion Diaries
  5. Nihongo Ichiban
  6. Gaijin Wife
  7. Japan’s  Subculture Research Center
  8. Get to Japan
  9. Green Eyed Geisha
  10. Black Tokyo


A big thank you to all bloggers who helped spreading the word by mentioning us or posting a link to us on their website. Here is the summary for last month:

Thanks to the following sites who added a Japan Blog Directory Banner, link or short mention:

Improvements TO the Japan Blog Directory

Thank you very much for all you valuable input. It allowed us to significantly improve the appearance and functionality of the directory.

  • We added the option to share posts
  • We added a section for blogs in other than English languages (French, Spanish, Italian & German) and already listed 5 new blogs
  • We significantly improved the layout and contents of the articles for introducing new posts
  • We added an advanced RSS feed

Do you have a suggestion or idea on how to further improve the directory? Please let us and others using the comment section.

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