Tsubo-en Zen Garden Diary

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Blog: Tsubo-en Zen Garden Diary

This diary about Japanese gardening offers the authors an easier way to give you an inside look into our  activities and garden development throughout the year. All our garden-secrets will here get revealed. In more than one aspect this Blog offers added interaction by offering an easy way to leave your comment and ask us and answer our questions.

About the author of this Japan blog

“We are Marijke and Piet Patings the owners of the Tsubo-en karesansui garden in Lelystad, the Netherlands.
We have over twenty five years of hands-on experience with Japanese style gardens (i.e. Japanese-style but not located in Japan). Experience means that we did the design, construction and maintenance of all aspects involved our selfs. We started to learn about Japanese gardens back in 1983.
If you really, really feel an urge to know more about the creators of Tsubo-en and the authors of this site have a look at: Marijke & Piet Patings Web site.

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