Jazz in Japan

This site offers Michael Pronko’s view of what is happening in jazz in Japan. Most of the focus is on Japanese musicians, their live performances and their recordings including interviews and other writings. 

About the author of this blog:

“I listened to jazz from when I was very young. I fell asleep every night with music coming up from the living room. My father had an enormous collection of records and I gradually had my own, too. I always went to the Kansas City Jazz Festival and all the music I could when I was young. Then, as I got older, I went on my own, borrowing a fake ID to get into clubs in Kansas City as soon as I could drive.

Currently, I write about Tokyo for Newsweek Japan, and about Japanese jazz for Jazz Colo[u]rs, an Italian mailzine. It’s cool to read my own words in Japanese and Italian, but English isn’t so bad, either. Hence, this site. In the past, I have also written for numerous magazines, newspapers and websites in Japan.”

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