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New Blog: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

Tokyo Fashion Diaries is Japanese fashion as seen from an American transplant’s eyes and full-fledged fashion insider. Author Misha Janette graduated from Bunka Fashion College and is now a fashion journalist, stylist, blogger and designer. The blog has a reputation for introducing the fascinating fashion from the biggest names to the most obscure garage labels. Misha ‘s reach is far, and the site is now written in English, Japanese and Chinese.

About the author of this Japan blog

“From the USA, Washington State. I was attracted to the unusual idea of an American studying in Tokyo and came in 2004, later graduating from the the world’s 2nd-ranked fashion school, Bunka Fashion College.
I currently am a fashion editor/journalist/translator for such media houses as The Japan Times, VOGUE Girl, Numero TOKYO, Kyodo News, Visa Style Guide, RACKED, Superfuture and TRANOI Magazine. On top of this, I update almost daily at my blog, making there never be a day I don’t writesomething about fashion.

I am often called “Lady Gaga” due to my penchant for hats and creative fashion, but I owe my style eye to Isabella Blow, my alpha icon for always and ever. My unique taste has gotten me jobs as stylist, where I have created and styled costumes for musicians’ music videos, actresses such as Rinko Kikuchi, and brand catalogs as well. I also take commissions in art/creative direction and design collaborations. I often see myself going more in this direction in the future.
I wear many hats, both literally and figuratively, and Tokyo is the perfect home to realize my aspirations.”

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