Okaasan and Me

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New Blog: Okaasan and me

Okaasan and Me – Blog about the home life with an elderly Japanese lady (Okaasan) who has to live with a not-so-sweet foreign daughter-in-law (Oyomesan).

About the author of this Japan blog

“I’m a British woman living in Japan with a Japanese guy…and then… in December 2008 his mother came to live with us. She is a physically active woman – but with early/mid stage dementia. This is a blog about that experience. It’s a sharing of the problems and issues. It’s a place for me to vent. Japan has lots of oldies – so many families are having to care for them. Our twist on this is that daughter-in-law is non-Japanese and has enjoyed years of non-sacrificing Western-life selfishness. I am NOT the typical Japanese daughter-in-law – beloved by TV dramas – apron-wearing, houseproud and endlessly caring. I’m a spiky, selfish foreigner. Away from home I am an English teacher, travel writer and chocaholic. I have the permanent resident visa and my own small business.”

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