The Pink Spiderweb

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New Blog: The Pink Spiderweb

The Pink Spider Web – A Swedish lady writing about her travel in Japan, food as well as Japanese music and concerts.


Category: Life in Japan – Foreigners in Japan

Started on April 2011

About the author:

“In the beginning I made a blog for a 3-week JR pass travel in Japan during May and June of 2011. As a second focus I wanted to write about Japanese Music and Concerts I attended in Japan.
However, I fell in love with Japan and decided to come back, so the blog continued! Now with less travel, and more reflections about life in Japan from my perspective as a globetrotter and foreigner.
I’m originally from Sweden, but have lived in the US for many, many years. Now I’m in Japan, learning the language and discovering what lies beneath the surface. My blog is about my struggles, discoveries and JOY of being in Japan.”

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