Featured Japan Blog: The Green Eyed Geisha

Newly listed JAPAN blog: The green eyed geisha

What this Japan blog is about

“Japan like you’ve never seen it before from the skewed perspective of a foreign (at least to some people) twenty-something living with her Japanese beau in Tokyo. I call Canada my home country despite a slew of passports in my bottom drawer. I work at the Kaisha, a Japanese company that more often than not feels like the twilight zone. Or should I say, the twiright zone?! Welcome to my world.”

About the author of this Japan blog

A Canadian woman (amongst other passports) living in Japan.

My Review of this Japan blog

I really like writing in this blog about how long-term foreign residents feel. Often she describes facts or feelings that I somehow knew but never actively reflected on. But when I read the posts most of the times I have to strongly agree and also feel good to recognize that other people feel the same.

my Favorite posts

WHAT DO YOU THINK about this Japan blog?

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