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A Kiwi’s take on the incomprehensible that is Japan. The more I think I know the less I seem to understand. New Zealander by nationality, High School Teacher by profession, teaching both Japanese and English in a private school in Japan.Have returned to Japan after a 16 year stint away. I lived here for 10 years […]

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Japan Blog: Kanawaza Travel Guides

Kanazawa Travel Guides

Tourism information about Kanazawa written by the local. A tour guide working in Kanazawa. URL: http://kanazawa-travel.com/ Started on:  14. Jan, 2014 Location: Kanazawa, Japan

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Japan Blog: Yokooso Japan

Yokooso Japan

Japan Tourism Travel Guide Japan Geek , Dream Stay in Japan … URL: http://www.yokoosojapan.com/ Started on: Aug 10, 2014 Location: Japan

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Japan Blog: Cheapo Japan

Cheapo Japan

A guide for traveling in Japan on a budget. Great for backpackers, tourists, ex-pats and students. My name is Matt. I have lived in Japan for over 5 years, mostly in Tokyo. I often travel around Japan, and love hot springs and Japanese curry! URL:  http://www.cheapojapan.com/ Started: Sep 28, 2013 Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Ridgeline Images

Ridgeline Images

New Blog: Ridgeline Images “This is a photography site exploring the hiking trails and outdoors of Japan mostly focused on day outings and less frequented trails surrounding Tokyo. The aim of the site is to share my hiking experiences and provide some inspiration for others to enjoy the many trails offered on Tokyo’s doorstep.” URL: http://ridgelineimages.com/ Category: […]

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Japan Blog: The Nomad's Land

The Nomad’s Land

A bit of a smorgasbord including the ups and downs of life in Hokkaido, mixed with the adventures in marrying a Japanese man and spiced up with rants and completely random interests. Sarah – a 29 year old South African who came to Sapporo on the JET Program 6 years ago, flirted with a physics […]

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Japan Blog: Wander Tokyo

Wander Tokyo

With the Wander Tokyo blog, I want to provide information not readily available in English about travel, life, and culture in Japan and also about ways to discover the culture and people beyond the tourist spots. Ultimately, going abroad is a way to acquire new understanding through both the similarities and differences, and Japan is […]

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Japan Blog: Alishan on the Move

Alishan on the Move

Adventures and daily life of the crew of sailing yacht Alishan (Taswell 43). At present we are based in Fukuoka, Japan. Our boating story started in Holland, 1984. Birdwatching, photography, outdoor, commercial fishing and running a sail-charter company are all part in our daily life what we like to share via this blog. After a […]

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Japan Blog: Abandoned Kansai

Abandoned Kansai

A blog about urban exploration in Japan – it started out as a blog about urbex in Kansai, but soon I traveled all over Japan visiting abandoned places… Lots of photos and videos, sometimes some insight on life in Japan from an expat view. I’m a German expat living in Osaka since 2006 – in […]

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My blog includes information about life and travel in Okinawa Japan. The blog also includes a number of helpful tips and other information for people of all interests and families of all sizes. URL: http://okininjakitty.wordpress.com/ Start Date: May, 2012 Location: Ginowan, Okinawa Japan About this Japan blogger My name is Kathryn and I have been living in Okinawa, […]

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