Entrenando Aikido

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New Blog: Entrenando Aikido

Aikido, seminars and events of our club, other martial arts Japan, translation of articles about Aikido and Japanese culture, health, Argentina, humor and other interesting things I find to share.

About this Japan blogger

“I’m training aikido for several years, like to travel, to read, take photos and share them and do long walks on our beautiful beach.”

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Wir trainieren Aikido

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Blog: Wir trainieren Aikido

In German language about: Aikido, martial arts, Japan, health, humor,Argentina, events of our Aikido club and translations of english articles related to Aikido or Japanese culture.

About this Japan blogger

“I practice aikido since 2003, like  to travel, to read, to walk along our beautiful beach and take photographs.”

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MMA Japan – Japanese mixed martial arts news

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New Blog: MMA Japan

MMA Japan covers combat sports out of Japan (kakutougi), puroresu, and other related sports.  We are the largest website in the world to cover this subject matter.  We have staff across Japan and Asia to cover the sport and bring the best coverage to our readers.

About the author of this Japan blog

“I have been covering Asian MMA since its inception and set out to develop a website to bring fans the best coverage possible.  I have a degree in finance from the University of Central Oklahoma.”


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