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Diverse Japan is a place for all things Japan related, featuring articles, interviews, reviews, recipes and much more…   Its main aim is to celebrate and promote the rich culture of Japan and to be an important source of information with a global appeal whilst maintaining a high quality of writing and research.

About this Japan blogger

Spencer Lloyd Peet is a freelance writer and researcher whose work has appeared in a varied range of magazines including, NEO, Cinema Retro, Kindred Spirits, Real Travel, and Gamesmaster to name but five. Spencer acquired his passion for Japanese culture as a child, growing up with an appetite for Japanese Cinema. He is also a programmes monitor for JIB TV (Japan International Broadcasting Inc).

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Japan Movie Review

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Blog: Japan Movie Review

There is an active community of artists and filmmakers in Japan, some of whose works are widely known, and others whose aren’t. This blog is giving descriptions of some of these films in both English and Japanese  to reach a wider audience and to inspire others to watch some of these movies for themselves.

About the author of this Japan blog

“My interest in Japanese movies started well before I came to Japan but it has certainly received a boost since my moving to the Kanto Area some years ago.  I’ve had an opportunity to meet many other great people interested in all areas of film study here and their advice has helped fashion the various angles from which I prefer to look at movies.  Because of this, my own writings on film have gone from scribbled notes on the backs of pamphlets and loose peices of paper to something a bit more formal and organized.”

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