The Expat Wife – A luxury lifestyle blog

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New Blog: The Expatwife

A luxury lifestyle blog written by an expat wife currently living in Tokyo.

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“I am an expat wife from the UK, currently living in Tokyo. I have been in Tokyo since January 2011. After almost a year in Tokyo I decided to create a blog about my experiences of living in Japan. “

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Hey from Japan – Notes on Moving

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New Blog: Hey from Japan

A humorous description of life and learning in Japan. I cover places, culture and anything Japanese.

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I am a mother of two teenagers who with Spouse moved to Japan last August. Raising teenagers, escorting multitudes of visitors, and exploring Japan is my new life. I write about twice a week.

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Surviving in Japan

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New Blog: Surviving in Japan

Surviving in Japan – The unconventional how-to guide for living in Japan with unique how-to’s, tips, guides and resources for expats living and “surviving” in Japan. This blog is from Ashley, who also writes the Lifelines column in the Japan Times.


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Started on February 10, 2010

About the author:

This blog is from Ashley – a 20-something writer, blogger, techie living in Japan. She currently writes Surviving in Japan (this blog), and also the Lifelines column for The Japan Times. For more about what she do, feel free to check out and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state, U.S.A.), she took a giant leap across the ocean after finishing my undergrad work. Taught with the JET program for a year and a half, and now writing and doing freelance work. She always on the lookout for new and helpful resources here, especially as a foreigner. Hopefully this site will hold something useful for you.


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