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Japan Blog: Wander Tokyo

Wander Tokyo

With the Wander Tokyo blog, I want to provide information not readily available in English about travel, life, and culture in Japan and also about ways to discover the culture and people beyond the tourist spots. Ultimately, going abroad is a way to acquire new understanding through both the similarities and differences, and Japan is […]

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Japan Blog: Tokyo Desu

Tokyo Desu

All the latest funny news from Japan, as well as guides, reviews, events and galleries: Cal & Mike are Tokyo residents from England and America, trying to make sense of the most exciting city in the world URL: Start Date: December 12, 2012 Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Burgers


This blog is The reference if you are a burger lover in Tokyo, Japan. With addresses and evaluation of each restaurants and their burgers, the author will let you know his best addresses. URL: Start Date: September 14, 2012 Location: Tokyo, Japan About this Japan blogger A burger enthusiast that loves traveling in search of the best […]

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Japan Blog: Tokyo Cheapo

Tokyo Cheapo

Tokyo Cheapo is a guide to cheap living and travel in Tokyo.  As well as tips on cheap things to do and places to go, there is (we hope) lots of useful advice for medium to long term residents and those looking at starting a business in Tokyo.  Both the authors come from web business […]

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Around Tokyo – Tokyo for the Tourist

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Around Tokyo Around Tokyo is a rapidly growing site, showing visitors to this great city what is on offer. URL: Category: Explore Tokyo Start Date: September, 2011 Location: Tokyo, Japan About this Japan blogger I`ve lived in Tokyo for about 20 years and absolutely love living here.  My spare time […]

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Shibuya246 – Japan – People, Travel and Products

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Shibuya246 “Living and working in Shibuya for 20 years this city within the city of Tokyo is always surprising me with shops, trends and new places to visit. I hope to introduce you to many of those new and some of the old great places in Shibuya as […]

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Japan Blog: Tokyo by Bike

Tokyo by Bike

“With a bit of experience up my sleeve cycling in and around Tokyo I’ve learned the odd trick, avoided the odd accident, and seen the odd, occasionally extremely odd, thing or two. I’d like to use this blog to share some of those stories, tips and general observations with everyone, but what I am really […]

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Ramen Tokyo

Tokyo Ramen – Japanese Ramen Noodles in Tokyo

There are an estimated 5000 ramen shops in Tokyo alone. There are probably hundreds or thousands of ramen web sites and blogs in Japan, but they are all in Japanese. We’re trying to set up this site in such a way that visitors to Tokyo, or residents who don’t speak Japanese, will be able to […]

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Tokyo Food File

Tokyo Food File

Tokyo Food File – This is a very nice blog about food and restaurant in Tokyo, the foodiest city on the planet. The posts include many wonderful photos and nice description which want to make you go to these places as soon as you can. Robbie Swinnerton is a food writer and restaurant reviewer for […]

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Japan Blog: Tokyo Jazz Notes

Tokyo Jazz Notes

Tokyo Jazz Notes – The blog with all the lowdown on new Japanese jazz, club jazz, funk and so on. URL: Start Date: 2008 Location: Tokyo About the author of this blog From Dover in the UK Sean has been living in Japan since 1997 and he enjoys various aspects of life here.      

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