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Best Living Japan

BestLivingJapan offers curated information in Japan for the curious and creative. The author is a long term resident of Japan who just retired from a large Internet company and needed something to do…along with raising her four kids and a dog. URL: Started on: October 2014 Location: Tokyo

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Jenna no Manga! ジェナの漫画!

The webcomic blog of a french woman married to a japanese man in Japan. I also share videos of our life there. In April 2015 I will celebrate my 10 years in Japan. Now married and a stay at home mother I like to make comics and videos about my life here . URL: Started on: […]

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Japan Blog: The Nomad's Land

The Nomad’s Land

A bit of a smorgasbord including the ups and downs of life in Hokkaido, mixed with the adventures in marrying a Japanese man and spiced up with rants and completely random interests. Sarah – a 29 year old South African who came to Sapporo on the JET Program 6 years ago, flirted with a physics […]

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Jojoebi Designs

Jojoebi designs

Life in japan raising a bilingual child in a Montessori inspired home, crafts, cooking, kids activities, travel and everything in between. URL: Start Date: May, 2007 Location:  Saitama, Japan About this Japan blogger A Brit living in Japan, designing, sewing, crafting and helping busy moms organize their kids and home so they have more time for […]

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KA International Mothers in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: KA INTERNATIONAL MOTHERS IN JAPAN is a WORLD FIRST non-profit blog on Japan, run by foreigners, for foreigners. It is a spin-off of a Facebook community of foreigners spread across Japan, all with one thing in common; family. Every one of the 300+ members is raising or is part of […]

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Japan Blog: Life in Japan with Toddlers

Life in Japan with toddlers

Life in Japan as a foreign wife and stay-at-home-mom to two toddlers – with a third one on the way!  Blogging about pregnancy, birth, child rearing, playtime, wifelife, travel, culture, events and so much more… European in her thirties in Japan for 12 years having lived all over Kanto.  First came to Japan as a […]

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Our Lil Monster

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Our Lil Monster My personal blog on my daily life in singapore and japan URL: Category: Gaijin Wives Location: Shiga, Japan About this Japan blogger A singaporean living in Japan since march 2011 before the tohoku earthquake. Raising her cutie son with her japanese husband in shiga prefecture. Recent […]

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And her Inaka Life

And her inaka life

Blog about my daily life in inaka Japan.  I moved into/never left (depends on who you ask) Jun’s house  before New Years 2012 and am still trying to get my head around my new life! URL: Start Date: April 2, 2012 Location: Miyagi, Japan About the Author I’m a 26 year old ALT who’s been living in […]

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Always Leaving Things Unfinishe

Always leaving things unfinishe

“I’ve decided I need a place to vent. Getting married and having a baby in Japan isn’t half as easy as I thought it would be and I find myself going a little bit mental sometimes when I have nowhere to rant about how much I hate/love Japan and my life here. Foreigners who live in […]

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Gaijin Wife

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Gaijin Wife Gaijinwife – Gaijinwife is 34 and lives in rural Japan with her Japanese husband, three kids and mother in law. She uses her blog to write about her daily life, to rant and to vent. URL: Category: Gaijin Wives in Japan Start Date: August 2010 Location: Japan About the author of […]

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