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Kanagawa Notebook is devoted to thoughts and reflections on life in Japan since the 3-11 triple disaster. Each post contains photos, videos, and links as well as my commentary, so the reader can dig a little deeper into the good stuff. This blog aims to make you think, make you feel, make you laugh (at least one laugh per post, I guarantee, with very few exceptions), make you cry (depending on your temperament), and goad you into action! Read it and see for yourself.

About this Japan blogger

“I’m originally from the US (Western Massachusetts), and currently living in Kanagawa Prefecture, where my two children were raised. I own and run an English school for kids of all ages; in the remaining sliver of my spare time, I blog and do whatever I can to promote the recovery of the Tohoku region. My hobbies?? Writing, storytelling, working with children, finding grammatical errors, and promoting good penmanship.”

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