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List of blogs about anime

This is a directory of blogs talking about popular Japanese anime.

Japanese anime & Manga blog directory

Culture Japan – This is the blog of Danny Choo about Japanese  popular culture – mainly focussing on Manga and Anime. Culture Japan is one of the most popular Japan blogs featured by BBC, NHK, CNN and others.

AnimeManiacs – Blog sharing information on manga, anime, music and HQ pictures with a strong focus on cosplay.

The Otaku – This blog provides regular news updates on anime, manga, TV, video games, music, movies, books and comics with really large contents.

Assemble Insert – Blog about Japanese cinema and anime

Anime News Network - Large portal with news about anime. It gives a very professional impression.

Japanator - They call themselves the otaku’s companion, providing updates on anime, manga, Japanese music, television dramas, cosplay, gaming, and even current events/politics from time to time.

Cartoon Leap - Cartoon Leap was founded several years ago with the purpose to promote anime and manga as a personal project. It features latest news on manga, anime and Japanese games.

Everything About Japan – A little bit of japanese culture, but not only… We are here to connect japan lovers around the world and not for any gain purpose. This page is for people who like anime, manga, japan culture…. (anything related to japan). Learn more…

Hello Kitty Lover – We here at are always scouring the globe for the coolest products, merchandise, and happenings revolving around Hello Kitty…simply because we are fans of the Hello Kitty brand like you.  Learn more…

Spark Blog – This blog gives reviews and updates of anime and some manga, video games, and more.

Animestrip Blog which contains a short review and a small strips from Anime that I watched, mostly still aired on TV. Learn more…


I Like Anime Stuff started in Febuary 2012. The website is a blogsite that concentrates to bring in the world of Anime into one collection. It is created as a platform to provide selectively only the best of the best things found from the internet. Our model is simple, display only the best we can find from the internet. Learn more…

Quizoxy Art, architecture, anime, music (mostly by Japanese creators) I also blog about my own sketches, drawings, paintings. Every first day of month is cats day where I feature a post full of cats contents. Learn more…

Otacute blog offer to its readers a large content about the japanese anime/manga figures, the japanese culture and events hold in Japan. Our blog is weekly updated. In order to ensure a good quality of information, our content is always checked before publication. Learn more…

Anime Aura Reviews of anime (episodic and as a whole series), manga and occasional news blasts. Learn more…


RandomFantasyAnimeUpdates Right here in RandomFantasyAnimeUpdate, you are about to witness the latest updates regarding to anime and the community that’s going on as we speak, as well as previous anime contents that were worth sharing of once again. Learn more…

Bel The official website for Bel magazine. Bel magazine is a magazine dedicated to promoting 3D anime and manga art using the 3D anime models Chibibel and BelBel. Learn more…


Chasing the Techno-Orient A Blog about the role of technology in anime/manga and Japanese society/culture. Learn more…


Manga Therapy This blog is different from the many fine blogs about Anime and Manga in the way it explores the psychological aspect of Manga and the hidden messages behind the stories. It is a very nice place to share your love and ideas about these. Learn more…


Sakura Index Blog about anime but also diverse aspect of the japanese culture as well as the diary like story of learning Japanese in the Philippines. Learn more…


WWHCurrent This blog offers very nice and complete reviews of the latest Anime and Mangas, written by real passionate it is completely worth reading. Learn more…


Organization of Anti-Social Genuises This blog gives regular review on Japanese anime and Manga as well as all related topics. Learn more…


Kuro’s anime ramble blog This blog is mostly about Anime with the comments of the blogger on episodes, seasons, first and final impressions and so on. They are also article on the Japanese society and culture. Learn more…


Anime4ReviewAnime4Review This blog offers complete analysis on manga and anime with predictions on what will happen next and grades of each episode/chapter … Learn More…


Anime Comics FandomaniaAnime & Comics Fandomania Another Anime Blog with this time the particularity of producing a Radio show about the latest Anime events and information. Learn more…


Anime ReviewsAnime Reviews This blog covers the latest Anime and Manga news but also introduce you new anime or the authors special favorites and discoveries. Learn more…


SSD 2.0SSD 2.0 A starting blog reviewing anime and Manga news, promising new: “not like everyone else” Otaku culture information but stays so far pretty conventional. Follow this blog for news on anime and manga and its development to reach its promises. Learn more…


  1. Joe Peters says:

    If you are looking for podcasts then why not follow the link I leave and read up about it and decide if it’s for you just click the link here,

  2. I believe you should check out The Shinigami List (I put it was my website, in case you don’t want to go to google it). It’s a really cute blog with a cute admin character… Updates daily with Japan-related news (anime mainly, manga and then games and movies)

  3. The Blog “I like anime stuff” is down.

  4. The link to the ecchi blog section doesn’t work..

  5. Wow just found this site. really cool! but why isn’t included? it’s like my favorite one :( i guess it’s not very well known….

  6. is not working.nice list btw

  7. Check my blog too

  8. thank you for the listing of anime sites.

  9. thank you for the listing of anime sites.

  10. Thanks, useful to have these sites gathered in one place

  11. You can check my blog too, if you’d like. :)

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