JAPAN is a country with a very rich CULTURAL HERITAGE. It fascinates people all over the world with its traditions and also sets global trends in contemporary culture. But very few people actually know much about Japan and its heritage and many of these wonderful products are very hard to find outside of Japan.

Our mission at NIHON ICHIBAN is to make traditional and modern JAPANESE LIFESTYLE more accessible to the rest of the WORLD.  We created multiple sites to support our mission.

All sites and the shop are under the management of Chinriu Honten Limited, a traditional Japanese food company founded in 1871.


  1. bunda cantik says:

    I love this web, I hope I can cook many japanesse food…then I can found japanesse husband haha lol

  2. I’m blogger from Indonesia.
    actually i love Japanese culture.
    emezing country with Huge Spirit

  3. Every attempt to have my blog listed failes. What am I doing wrong ?

  4. Hello,
    I am also trying to list my blog, but for some reason I can`t, any help? cheers

    • Hello,

      I am sorry you couldn’t register your blog please send the following information to this address : order@chinriu.com
      -Email (we will not publish it)
      -Your Blog’s website
      -Category (the category in which you will be classified doesn’t always match)
      -Start Date of your blog
      -Current Location
      -Description of your blog
      -About the blogger


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