Japanese Snacks and Candy Gallery

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Japanese Snacks and Candy Gallery

New Blog: Japanese Snacks and Candy Gallery

In this blog, I am going to introduce some funny Japanese stuff, mainly snacks, candy but also mini toys…etc…These are mostly my personal favorites and choices, so it would not always catch up with recent fashion. However, Japanese stuff (which can be called “a part of culture”) are very very unique and cannot be seen in any other countries. I would much appreciate if it can help you to know more about Japan.

About this Japan blogger

I am Hiro (real name is longer, but please call me Hiro) I was born sometime around 1980. I lived in Spain for a year and Aus for 4 – 5 years. Through these years overseas, I “re”- discovered the goodness of Japanese funny and weird culture. Which is why I started this blog, to share this very culture with the world! Regards

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