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New Blog: Bishoujo Project

Being a better Otaku with guides on Anime, Technology, Visual novels, and Japan with a bit of satire.

About this Japan blogger

I’m Reason, and I run the Bishoujo Project. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

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  1. Miki Hannah says:

    That so called “anime blog” is definitely an “adult blog”. It has a lot of content for adults and bad language… Another example is the introduction section which also gave me a really bad impression.

    • It’s not an adult blog…

      Just because you’re offended and it has some ecchi doesn’t mean it’s an adult blog. No nudity, and the focus is otaku culture from what I’ve read.

      • Miki Hannah says:

        Your language and the pictures you show that isn’t anime makes it an adult blog. Also, you don’t respect the Japanese culture at the rate you’re going like calling out “fuck”, “shit”, etc…

  2. @Miki

    The website isn’t mine. I’m just a fan. Please keep your crying to yourself.

    “If someone is doing something right they probably have haters”

    • Miki Hannnah says:

      It’s not right and it’s quite disrespectful.

      Also, saying I’m crying is stupid and you’re not just a fan.

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