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New Blog: Click-a-Japan

My  name is Farah.  I am a Filipina living in Japan.
My hobby is taking photos of almost anything …
Click-a is the sound of the camera shutter, or the Click-a of your pc mouse…  :P
Photographs and paragraphs …  that  is the theme of  this blog.
Will also be writing some stuff about my life here in Japan every now and then.
Arigato !  Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu !!

About this Japan blogger

My  name is Farah.  I am a Filipina living in Japan.
Presently, I  am an ALT, Assistant Language Teacher, teaching English at some Elementary schools in the city I live at.
During my free time here, I also work as an interpreter for t.v. and film production, specially if they need some work done in the Philippines.  My main job in the Philippines is really related to film production. My hobby is taking photographs.

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