Urban Sake – A comprehensive Guide to Japanse Rice Wine

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New Blog: Urban Sake

This is a very comprehensive site about nihonshu, Japanese sake rice wine. It has a large sake 101 section and describes a large number of brands and breweries. Urban sake is certainly one of the best sites to understand the world of sake.

About the author of this Japan blog

“In 2005, I sampled premium sake for the first time at a Japanese Restaurant in New York City, and I couldn’t believe what I was tasting. The complex, nuanced and delicious flavors simply amazed me. I was hooked and immediately began researching how water and rice come together to make “Nihonshu”, known in the U.S. simply as “sake”. In October 2007, I was invited to Kyoto by the Japan Sake Brewer’s Association Jr. Council to be named a “Sake Samurai” for my efforts in promoting sake outside Japan. This was a tremendous honor and a life changing event for me. As part of the tenets of becoming a Sake Samurai, I vowed to “Spread the word about Japanese sake around the world with pride and passion“. In that spirit, I have become a sake educator, writer and speaker, doing my best to share my passion, respect and enthusiasm for sake with the world.”

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  1. I found a glass bottle of Sake wine that is labled mostly in Japanese, but clearly is called Dan. (in orange lettering with the . period after Dan). The bottle is about 2 inches sq and stands after 12 inches. The three bottles were stored along with some stuff from what appears to be WWII era stuff in a house I purchased from a retired, expired military guy.

    Know anything about such a Sake? I opened one bottle and it was VERY good sake!

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