This directory lists hundreds of blogs from Japan bloggers. Each Japan blog is categorized, reviewed and introduced with a small summary. From time to time we also select blogs we particularly like and feature them with a more detailed review. We are also planning to run periodical blog popularity contests and rankings.

Please fill in the REGISTER A NEW BLOG form if you own a blog related to Japan and want to be listed on our directory.

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  1. I heard that in order to be listed, the blog must be in English. However, I haven’t seen such condition in these pages.
    I have a blog in Italian, and I already sent you a registration message. In case you follow the English-only policy, maybe you can consider putting a directory for blogs in other languages.

    • Hi,
      I just received your registration and yes, I prefer listing English blogs. I am not sure if we will have enough foreign language registrations.
      You made me thinking about this and I might have a solution. I will add a separate category for blogs in other than English languages.

      Thanks for asking the question since it helped improving the directory.

      I just received a lot of registrations and it might take me a few days to make it happen, but you will receive a confirmation after your blog got listed.


  2. Dear Nicolas, thank you for your reply, and for creating the “other languages” category. keep up the nice work!

  3. I listed this site under my “Other” tab (where I list helpful sites). Thanks! Hope that will generate some hits for you.

  4. @Hiragana Mama – Thank you very much. I am trying hard to grow it step by step and list more and more interesting blogs. I hope I can sen you a lot of traffic too.

  5. Wow very nice site… see u next time on your post…

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