Japan Blog: Little Miss Bento

Little Miss Bento

Blog about my love for Japan, Japanese culture, bento making, baking bread and other adventures in the kitchen. Love Japan & Bento! Former dancer now Bikram yoga practitioner (*^^)/ Enjoy bento making, cooking simple jap dishes & baking bread! 始めまして、シャりーです、どうぞよろしく。 URL: http://littlemissonigiri.blogspot.sg/ Start Date: May 11, 2012 Location: Singapore

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Japan Blog: Zooming Japan

Zooming Japan

Zoooming Japan does what the title implies. It zooms Japan, bringing it closer to everybody and offering a lot of details about the country. As the author lives in the countryside, it gives you a different insight! Japan is not just the big cities! The website focuses on traveling in Japan, but also has a lot of […]

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Japan Blog: Musachan's Gate to Japan

Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan

Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan includes: Travel notes on visiting Japan, travel reviews, sightseeing, tourist attractions, historical and cultural facts, travel photos, travel tips A series of daily Japan photos, covering Japan places (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Nikko…), traditional and modern Japanese culture, lifestyle, architecture, people, interesting facts Japan’s most famous customs and traditions with photos, videos, […]

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Japan Blog: Culture Japan

Culture Japan – Your Portal to Japan

This is the blog of Danny Choo about Japanese  popular culture – mainly focussing on Manga and Anime. Culture Japan is one of the most popular Japan blogs featured by BBC, NHK, CNN and others. Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and runs a small web and TV production company called Mirai Inc who’s main focus […]

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Japan Blog: Yen Beer

Yen Beer

Tasting all Japanese beers, one at a time. Naturalized Japanese salaryman with a tangent for beer. URL: http://yenbeer.com/ Started on: Aug 12, 2012 Location: Tokyo, Japan  

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Fun Flying Four


Fun Flying Four is a blog dedicated to our adventures while living in Okinawa…with 2 young kids in tow. Originally from New Zealand, now living in Okinawa with my Air Force husband and 2 young daughters. We love to explore Okinawa as much as we can and when possible we love to travel around Asia. […]

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Japan Blog: Kanawaza Travel Guides

Kanazawa Travel Guides

Tourism information about Kanazawa written by the local. A tour guide working in Kanazawa. URL: http://kanazawa-travel.com/ Started on:  14. Jan, 2014 Location: Kanazawa, Japan

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Japan Blog: Yokooso Japan

Yokooso Japan

Japan Tourism Travel Guide Japan Geek , Dream Stay in Japan … URL: http://www.yokoosojapan.com/ Started on: Aug 10, 2014 Location: Japan

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Japan Blog: Cheapo Japan

Cheapo Japan

A guide for traveling in Japan on a budget. Great for backpackers, tourists, ex-pats and students. My name is Matt. I have lived in Japan for over 5 years, mostly in Tokyo. I often travel around Japan, and love hot springs and Japanese curry! URL:  http://www.cheapojapan.com/ Started: Sep 28, 2013 Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Ridgeline Images

Ridgeline Images

New Blog: Ridgeline Images “This is a photography site exploring the hiking trails and outdoors of Japan mostly focused on day outings and less frequented trails surrounding Tokyo. The aim of the site is to share my hiking experiences and provide some inspiration for others to enjoy the many trails offered on Tokyo’s doorstep.” URL: http://ridgelineimages.com/ Category: […]

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Japan Blog: How to Teach English in Japan

How to teach English in Japan

“At our blog you will learn all about living, working, and traveling Japan.    As well we cut through the hype and negativity about teaching English here and, have down to earth advice on how to teach English in Japan.” Kevin R Burns, came to Japan in 1989 intending to stay one year, but never […]

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Japan Blog: The Nomad's Land

The Nomad’s Land

A bit of a smorgasbord including the ups and downs of life in Hokkaido, mixed with the adventures in marrying a Japanese man and spiced up with rants and completely random interests. Sarah – a 29 year old South African who came to Sapporo on the JET Program 6 years ago, flirted with a physics […]

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Japan Blog: Wander Tokyo

Wander Tokyo

With the Wander Tokyo blog, I want to provide information not readily available in English about travel, life, and culture in Japan and also about ways to discover the culture and people beyond the tourist spots. Ultimately, going abroad is a way to acquire new understanding through both the similarities and differences, and Japan is […]

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Japan Blog: Actu Bonsai

Actu Bonsai

ActuBonsaï est un blog multi-auteur traitant du bonsaï, des voyages au Japon et des arts traditionnels japonais, entre autre : le sumi-e, les kusamono et shitakusa, la céramique… Vous trouverez également quelques articles sur la cuisine japonaise, ma seconde passion. Passionné de bonsaï, j’ai eu la chance de découvrir la culture et les arts traditionnels […]

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